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The purpose of International Network of Jinrui Aizenkai

 / IRUHA (Internacia Reto de Universala Homama Asocio)


Jinrui Aizenkai (Universal Love and Brotherhood Association), founded by Oomoto's Co-Founder Onisaburo Deguchi, has been carrying out these activities for the realization of eternal world peace since the association’s founding in 1925.


However, humanity still faces serious problems: strife among religions and among races, fights over resources, wealth disparity, terrorism, riots, nuclear proliferation, epidemic diseases, the deterioration of the natural environment, and natural disasters.


The egocentrism and ‘might makes right’ thinking that pervade human societies underlie these problems.


These egocentric tendencies and brutal competitiveness shall be amended as universal love and the idea that "all religions spring from the same source" allow humanity to create eternal world peace. This is the mission of Jinrui Aizenkai.


Therefore, Jinrui Aizenkai organizes the International Network of Jinrui Aizenkai – IRUHA (Internacia Reto de Universala Homama Asocio) to widen the link and collaboration among the general headquarters, overseas headquarters, overseas centers, branches, individual members, and like minded people, religious organizations, NGOs, and NPOs.

The Secretariat takes charge of related communications. 


Establishing the website IRUH Internacia Reto de Universala Homamo

                                       (International Network of Universal Love in Esperanto)


We established the website of IRUH to promote Onisaburo Deguchi's ideas regarding the realization of eternal world peace and also to exchange information with like minded people.


We offer information about Jinrui Aizenkai for the public’s reference. We hope others will make good use of the information there and we welcome questions and opinions.


We welcome anyone to take part in this collaboration, regardless of whether they are private individuals, groups, or if they come from a religious background.



International Network of Universal Love and Brotherhood

All humanity is siblings born from the same Creator (God or Buddha), and retains high spirituality from birth.

Internacia Reto de Universala Homamo

La tuta homaro estas gefratoj naskita de la sama Kreinto (Dio aŭ Budho), kaj konservas altan spiritecon de la naskiĝo.

Figure of image - International network of Jinrui Aizenkai

General Headquarters of Jinrui Aiznekai: Secretariat

Branches of Jinrui Aizenkai in Japan

Overseas Headquarters and National Centers

of Jinrui Aizenkai

Overseas Branches of Jinrui Aizenkai

Religious groups, NGOs and NPOs sympathizing with Universal Love and the idea of "all religions spring from the same source"

Ideals of Onisaburo Deguchi
Ways towards the realization of world peace

Onisaburo Deguchi (1871~1948)

Founder of Jinrui Aizenkai

Born in Kameoka, Kyoto, Japan. 

At the age of 26, he was guided by an angel to Mt. Takakuma where he went through the spiritual training, and became aware of his mission to save the world.

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