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Holding out the ideals of universal love
"all religions spring from the same source"

"Jinrui Aizen, Universal Love and Brotherhood" and idea of "all religions spring from the same source"


     Jinrui Aizenkai strives to realize the "peaceful one world." 


  It was established in 1925 by Onisaburo Deguchi, the Co-Founder of Oomoto, who preached universal love and the idea of "all religions spring from the same source."


    All humanity is siblings born from the same Creator (God or Buddha), and retains high spirituality from birth.


     Jinrui Aizen is universal love for all creation: humanity, mountains, rivers, grass, trees, birds, animals, insects and fish, boundlessly loved by the Creator and wrapped by His goodness. 


     It is the world where humanity love and help each other as siblings, amending selfish conducts and law of the jungle.



     "All religions spring from the same source" is the teaching that all right religions were born form the same Creator. 


    Founders and saints of each religions and denominations appeared in various countries and places according to the changes in the time, and saved the mankind in accordance with the culture and climate. 


     Therefore, religions should respect each other, execute dialogue and cooperate, and establish Heavenly Kingdom on Earth, create the eternal world peace.

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