Ideals of Onisaburo Deguchi
Ways towards the realization
of world peace

1. Road map for realization of world peace


     Onisaburo Deguchi describes the approach toward the realization of true world peace in “The stories from the spiritual world” as follows:


     “We must remove both kinds of great barriers, tangible and intangible, throughout the world.


  The greatest tangible barrier is externally directed military armament (apart from armaments for police) and the closing of national borders. The greatest intangible barrier is the hostility between nations and races, and also the hostility between religious groups.


     In order to remove these tangible barriers, we must first begin by removing the intangible barriers.”


    "Love for mankind is creating no barrier to other peoples or races and love them same as our own friend.


       Egotism is the only root of this barrier."


     In order to bring peace to the world, first of all, we have to promote interreligious cooperation, and deepen our understanding among different cultures and races, and remove "intangible barriers," and remove tangible barriers of military armaments.