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Ideals of Onisaburo Deguchi
Ways towards the realization of world peace

1. Road map for realization of world peace

Onisaburo Deguchi describes the approach toward the realization of true world peace in “The stories from the spiritual world” as follows:

“We must remove both kinds of great barriers, tangible and intangible, throughout the world. The greatest tangible barrier is externally directed military armament (apart from armaments for police) and the closing of national borders. The greatest intangible barrier is the hostility between nations and races, and also the hostility between religious groups. In order to remove these tangible barriers, we must first begin by removing the intangible barriers.”

“Love for mankind is creating no barrier to other peoples or races and love them same as our own friend. Egotism is the only root of this barrier."

In order to bring peace to the world, first of all, we have to promote interreligious cooperation, and deepen our understanding among different cultures and races, and remove "intangible barriers," and remove tangible barriers of military armaments.

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2. "One God" --- the way to interreligious cooperation

    "One God" means that the Creator of the universe is the one and only.

Onisaburo Deguchi composed following poetries:

“There are many countries in the world, but the God they trust in is one.”

“Although people call God or Buddha, basically they are the other names of Love and Goodness.”

It is important to deepen our mutual understanding, removing "intangible barriers" among religions to bring forth the world peace. 

There are several levels in the mutual understanding among religions.  

If it is at the level of friendship, it does not matter largely, however, when we would reach the level of doctrines or liturgy, we may face the difficulty, since each group believe that their own religion is supreme and absolute.  

If we can accept that the creator is one and only, we can recognize that “all humankind is brethren under one God.

3. “Great Assembly of All Saints”

Onisaburo Deguchi expresses: “Great Assembly of All Saints” will be held to realize the eternal world peace.  

"Great assembly of All Saints" is the conference where sages and saints and spiritual leaders of the whole world will get together and pray together; try to solve the world issues: discuss about the salvation of humanity establishing the universal ethics and moral; and build a new world order.

Onisaburo Deguchi preaches in his book "Stories from the Spiritual World": 

Saviors in the world will gather at one place, and the most impartial, distinguish and merciful people will be elected as the Savior.  I heard that twelve Saviors will appear, and among them appears the Great Savior."

He also preaches: during the session of "Great Assembly of All Saints," a boundless religion that devotes itself to truth, goodness, beauty and love beyond exclusive sectarianism will appear.

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4. "One World" -- the way to the World Federation

Onisaburo Deguchi told:

"The greatest tangible barrier is externally directed military armament (apart from armaments for police) and the closing of national borders." 

He also wrote in "the stories from the spiritual world":

Barbarians are the people with extremely narrow affection, and civilized are with extremely vast affection.

In the world twelve districts will be formed politically and economically, and these districts will constitute the World Federation and will abolish armament, and enables the realization of eternal world peace.

5. Eternal world peace

Onisaburo Deguchi composed a poetry: "True purpose of our lives is to construct infinite heavenly kingdom on earth." 

Constructing the infinite heavenly kingdom, eternal world peace, is the Will of God, and ultimate object of our lives. 

We witness the realization of the eternal world peace in the world of Miroku, the heavenly kingdom on earth, and the lifestyle in the world of Miroku will be:


◇right man work in the right place; people works for three hours a day;

◇daily life is integrated with art;

◇in education people places importance on experience;

◇agriculture is the foundation of a nation, people live in self-sufficiency without money;

◇land is owned publicly; people have perception that they borrow land from God;

◇world is united as one family and use common currency;

◇people can travel all over the world easily and quickly;

◇airplanes will become safe and never crash;

◇people speaks mother tongue and Esperanto;

◇family respects monogamy;

◇population of city is within a hundred thousand;

◇world population - five billion and six hundred seventy million;

◇people value long life, and the age will become one hundred and twenty years old;

◇energy supply without pollution;

◇hatred, deceit and strife ceases; theft and murder vanish from the society;

◇wealth disparity and warfare among sovereign states cease to exist;

◇world is compacted into twelve blocks and the World Federal Government is to be established;

◇people recognize racial traits, and accept that all humankind are children of God, and siblings 

   under One God.

◇No natural disaster, no disease, no warfare; people will not suffer from poverty; and 

   no discrimination.

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