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Jinrui Aizen - Universal love and brotherhood

Bankyo Dokon - All religions spring from the same root.

Three Columns

to create Eternal World Peace:  

One God, One World and

One International Language

⭐️Cooperation of Religions (One God)

Onisaburo Deguchi preached: "In order to bring peace and happiness to humanity, creating harmony in people’s minds is prerequisite, and to achieve this, all humanity should join together and carry out the proper workings of Heaven and Earth.” He also said: “When attempting to unify the world, if one uses the military power or authority, strife will be endless. We cannot hope to bring about eternal peace through those means." Religious leaders should pray together and work together for peace.

⭐️World Federation (One World)

Onisaburo Deguchi preached: We must remove tangible barriers (externally directed military armament) and intangible barriers (hostility among nations and races and also inter-religious hostility) to create world peace. Jinrui Aizenkai aims to promote religious cooperation, remove intangible barriers, harmonize people's hearts, and create a World Federation in order to erect structures that can prevent war through their legal power.

⭐️Esperanto (One international language)

Upon the foundation of Jinrui Aizenkai, Onisaburo Deguchi adopted Esperanto as a language to spread the ideals of universal love. Differences among languages is a large barrier for humanity. The international language, Esperanto, breaks through this barrier. Esperantists value the languages of all races, and during cultural exchanges, Esperanto can be used as a neutral language suitable for mediation among multiracial and multinational entities.

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