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Jinrui Aizen - Universal love and brotherhood

Bankyo Dokon - All religions spring from the same root.


Onisaburo Deguchi founded Jinrui Aizenkai (Universal Love and Brotherhood Association) on the June 9th of 1925.

The purpose of the association was to establish eternal world peace through the spirit of ‘Jinrui Aizen,’ universal love, and the idea that "all religions spring from the same source." These ideals transcend the barriers of race, nationality, and religion.

Founding of Jinrui Aizenkai,

Universal Love and Brotherhood Association

In 1924, Onisaburo Deguchi completely devoted himself to the dictation of Stories from the Spirit World. Then, he visited Mongolia to put Divine Providence into practice. He drew up a vow before his visit wherein he stated: "I intend to unite Asia spiritually and unite the world. Success or failure will depend upon Heaven’s own timing, and hence, there is no need to worry." The purpose of his visit was to create a federation of world religions amid the crises faced by humankind based upon the idea of ‘universal brotherhood’ and the sentiment that “all religions spring from the same source.” However, Onisaburo Deguchi’s activities were suspended due to obstruction from the military dictator, Zhang Zuolin, and Onisaburo Deguchi was forced to return to Japan. During his unprecedented adventure, he saw the misery of Asia and comprehended that reconciliation among races was a vital point for achieving world peace.


The “world religious federation” on the 20th of May 1925 in Peking

Onisaburo Deguchi established the “World Religious Federation” on the 20th of May 1925 in Beijing. Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, and other religious groups participated in its establishment. The General Headquarters was placed in Beijing and the Asian Headquarters was placed in Kameoka. The purpose of its founding was to end inter-religious antagonism and ethnic conflicts by promoting the idea that “all religions spring from the same source.” Through this idea, the federation sought to deepen dialogue, cooperation, and solidarity among all religions under one God and to aim the harmony achieved by humanity towards building a peaceful world.

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