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Jinrui Aizen - Universal love and brotherhood

Bankyo Dokon - All religions spring from the same root.


This association pledges to devote its best efforts towards furthering the cause of universal kinship, promoting friendship and union among humankind, and bringing forth an eternal world of light filled with bliss and joy.

First of all, humans are by their nature brethren and of one flesh. From the depths of our souls comes a desire to return to this basic principle as it is the highest ideal of humankind.

However, in recent years, social conditions have suddenly worsened, public morals have fallen into greater  and greater corruption, and the hearts of humankind have hardened. This is a truly grievous trend. If the world goes forward in this way, it is certain that the future will teach us many hard lessons.

Therefore, in order to escape from this calamity, we must move forward to transcend all human barriers such as those erected along lines of race, nationality, and religion, and we must instead awaken to the noble cause of universal kinship. At the same time, we must march ever forward in our efforts to build a world of everlasting understanding and enlightenment.

It is for these reasons that this association has been established.



  1. The world is one and all of humanity are naturally kin to one another.

  2. War and violence must be rendered impossible.

  3. Social evils and their causes, such as selfishness and the strong preying upon the weak, must be eradicated.

  4. Learn to respect all of humankind and earn a livelihood via joyous work.

  5. Learn to love nature, protect life, and maintain health.

  6. Respect all indigenous cultures, while striving for international understanding and exchange.

  7. Resolve to realize the ideal of world peace, based on an understanding of the common origin of all religions and on universal love and kinship.

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